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No doubt, QuickBooks is a widely preferred software with hi-tech features and functionalities, but when it comes to technology, codes, and algorithms, errors and unwanted disruptions can be encountered at times.

QuickBooks Component Repair tool is basically a tool that can be downloaded to fix QuickBooks common errors freely. It is an especially designed tool to handle the issues and problems that are encountered with .NET Framework and other Windows components that are required for running QuickBooks. One of the best things about this tool is that it does not require any configuration, and scans automatically the components for repairing them.

In this blog, we will be conversing about this tool in detail. However, if you have any query related to QuickBooks Component Repair tool or other QuickBooks related functions or problems, you can get in touch with our 24×7 QuickBooks Support team at +1(800)969-7370.

Steps Involved in Downloading QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

The QuickBooks users who wish to naturally examine and repair the QuickBooks Components, are required to download the repair tool. One of the best things about this tool is that it does not require any particular computer set-up. For many QuickBooks users, this tool might be new. Thus, to make it easy for them, we have jotted down some steps that they are required to follow to download this tool. Let us have a look:

  1. The very first step is to close all the tabs of the active program and then “Reboot” the system.
  2. Then, the next step is to download the “QuickBooks Component Repair Tool”.
  3. Now, to assassinate the software, the users are required to double tap on the latest downloaded file. Once done with the above steps, restart or reboot the system.

Resolve QuickBooks Installation Errors with the help of QB Component Repair tool

Now that you have downloaded and installed the tool, it is time to fix the errors. There can be different methods, a few of the most effective ones are listed below:

Solution 1: Download Windows Update

It should be noted that if the Windows is not updated or is outdated, then the user will not be able to install/open QuickBooks on the desktop. Also, QuickBooks can face several kinds of errors and also outdated windows miss the updates related to Visual C++, .NET Framework, MSXML, etc. We have jotted down the steps to be followed in order to update Windows.

  • Press “Windows” Key on the keyboard and type “Windows”
  • Once you are done with the Windows update, “Restart” or reboot the computer
  • Now, “Install QuickBooks once again and you are good to go.

Solution 2: Repair Microsoft.NET Framework

Basically, Microsoft.NET is a component of Microsoft that is generally used by QuickBooks to connect with web applications. Due to issues of Microsoft.NET Framework many other errors may occur, such as Error 1603, 1722, 1903, 1904, etc.

QuickBooks users are required to follow the following steps:
  1. The very first step is to “Download” QuickBooks Repair Component tool
  2. When prompted, save a file on the local desktop
  3. Now shut down all the running programs and also double click on “QBInstall_Tool_v2.exe file.
  4. After the diagnosis process is done, you are required to restart the computer.

If the error still occurs, then follow a few more steps:

  1. Press “Windows” Key
  2. Then, in the search bar, type “Windows update
  3. And check for updates
  4. Update the Windows, if any updates available.

Other than the above-listed methods, a few more options are available, one of which is enumerated below:

As per the QuickBooks users, as well as the experts, a damaged Microsoft MSXML component hinders QuickBooks to run properly. We have enlisted the steps below to repair the damaged MSXML component. Let us have a look:

  1. The very first step is to “Register” the MSXML DLL files.
  2. Then, uninstall and reinstall MSXML 6.0.
  3. Now download and install MSXML 6.0 SP1.
  4. The last step is to repair MSXML 6.0.

With this article, we hope that all your queries might resolve up to a certain extent. If you are unable to resolve the errors even after following the above-listed steps or in case you are facing some other issues, then it is recommended to get in touch with our QuickBooks Premier support team at +1(800)969-7370 and clear all your clouds of confusion.


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